Internationale dag van de vrouw

My queens
Today let me come clean
You are the reason I still stand before you
I’ve tried so many times but I can’t ignore you
You are my friend, my sister, my mother
You are my cousin, my niece, my lover
You are compassion, grace and humility
Love radiates fusing together to form beauty
Unified mankind from its birth
Soul provider here on earth

I fear you may not appreciate your true potential
Your soul reveals impeccable credentials
Your strength meanders through as it begins to show
Your heart sings and now we will all know
Multiple roles as partner, mother and ultimate life preserver
Performing your duties regardless of the weather
The real chief of any home
Ensuring I am never alone

The gift of life is what you provide
Your love embraces humanity as it continues to survive
Without you, where would I be?
A lonely existence forever stuck is misery
I know I don’t always show my appreciation
And I don’t always understand your position
I’m only a man and I don’t realise
Please forgive me, I sincerely apologise
My queens let me come clean
Your victory is near it’s not just a dream
For I realise now I am nothing without you
And the truth is, I really do love you.

Thank you

By Nigel Mugamu

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Mooi. Wat zouden wij zijn zonder vrouwen, Peke?

Gepost door: jacoja | 08-03-05

Ik had het kunnen weten... ... dat gij dat aansporingsmailtje niet nodig had om hier zo'n tekstje te posten...


Gepost door: liza | 08-03-05

er eens uitvliegen....Peke..... mooie tekst.....

Gepost door: pepino | 08-03-05

. Internationale vrouwendag vandaag ja, maar ik moest deze morgen toch niets denken dat de heren aan het bushokje mij voorlieten om op de bus te stappen?? :)

Gepost door: Kaatje | 08-03-05

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