De story of ... little dumpy

Het leuke aan verhuizen is dat je af en toe iets tegenkomt waarvan je niet meer wist dat het bestond. Zo vond ik bij het rommelen gisteren de volgende tekst en ik wil dit u niet onthouden. Ik heb hem niet zelf geschreven natuurlijk. Alleen maar overgetypt. Of toch geprobeerd...

There  wasseris a boy who was so little that everyone gave him the byname of little dumpy. He had six little brothertjes and six little sistertjes. His father was a woodhacker and his moether was working in the householding.

On a given day, the father said: "I hold it no longer out. I work myself the blubber." "What you gonna do now?" The mother fraagde. "Well," the father said, "tomorrow, I bring all the bloeikens into the wood and when they are far genoegh, I let them in the steak." But little dumpy, very good by the time and very pienter, had everything geheard. 's Nights he at two sneeds of broad and slipped out the bed. He went to the warehouse and propped his brooksacks full of nails.

The next morning, the father bracht the children into the wood. But by every step little dumpy let fallen a nail. When they were far genoegh into the wood, the father let them in the steak. But little dumpy said to his brothertjes and sistertjes: "Calm on, I bring you heelhouds back to house." And via his nails they came thous.

Moar the next day, the father let them in the steak again. Little dumpy sais opnew: "Calm on, I bring you heelhouds back like yesterday." But he couldn't find his way because the verreckte mushes were with his nails gone running. The children craai and craai, but dumpy said: "Hold your waffels." and he clautered in a tree. He looked om his heen and he saw a little lightsje. THey went to that house but it was rotten, want it was the house of a big rous, who liked to eat little children with houd and hair. But as I said, little dumpy was very pienter and was nog bang of ieths. ' s Nights, when the rous was maffing, he packed the seven miles laars of the rous and all his oandeals and also his schekbookie. Then he wecked his brothertjes and his sistertjes, loyed them on his shoulders, did the laars of the rous on and putste the plate.

The father stood by the tuinheck with the farlooker and saw how they came ongestepped. He was very blaay and the moether also. WIth the money and the rest little dumpy had packed from the rous, the children could alltime thous blaiven and the father could go ons his bridgepension and the moether could take a maid. And then came Miss Piggy with a long snout and the story is out.

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Via.... stijnenan hier komen piepen...

Fijne dag!!!

Gepost door: Suus | 22-10-07

Mooi! Ik mis wel nog Redkepje, Snowwaaitje en Thornrowshe?

Gepost door: Coltrui | 23-10-07

:-) allez proficiat er zijn tijdens mijn afwezigheid toch veel knoppen doorgehakt precies ;-) ik dnek dat ik liever in a'pen op bezoek kom bij ulle dn in f*** aarschot :-)
vergeet het fruitsap niet voor mij :-)

Gepost door: jeronimo | 23-10-07

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